Download LivePrompter

Here is where you get the latest version of LivePrompter (build 1.012). For the foreseeable future, LivePrompter is Windows only - no iOS, Mac or Linux!

I am offering three download options:

  1. A full installer - this will install LivePrompter, its documentation and the necessary fonts on your system.
  2. The installer, wrapped in a .ZIP archive - this helps around some of the more paranoid download blockers
  3. A .ZIP file with all files you need to run LivePrompter - if you don't trust automatic installers, simply extract the content of this .ZIP archive to a directory of your choice (it should be one where you have full access rights, so somewhere in your C:\ProgramFiles path may make things difficult). This means that you'll have to install the necessary fonts (you'll find them in the archive) manually.

All installation options will create a LivePrompter home directory, which contains the main executable, the image files necessary for LivePrompter's GUI, an .INI file that you'll need to edit to point at your songs directory and the full LivePrompter documentation as .PDF files.

Download Manuals

Download the manuals separately

All the installation options above already contain the manuals, so if you are installing LivePrompter, there's no need to download the manuals separately!

But if you just want to get a better understanding what LivePrompter is about, you can download the documentation in PDF format here.

There is also an additional manual for using LivePrompter with Cantabile – my favorite live VST host. LivePrompter plays very well with Cantabile – you can remote-control Cantabile from LivePrompter or vice-versa; you can even combine both for the most user-friendly stage experience. Read more about it in this dedicated manual – but be sure you read the LivePrompter manual first!



Use at your own risk!

The flip side of LivePrompter being free is that I give no guarantees whatsoever and accept no responsibility should something go horribly wrong, be it through software or user error. Use at your own risk – I provide the software to you as-is on a best-efforts basis. But be assured that I use the software myself on a regular basis, so any errors are certain to annoy me as much as they annoy you. So if you find anything strange happening, let me know in the forum!

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