LivePrompter is a teleprompter for live musicians - it runs on Windows. And now there is also a new and shiny Android version!

Built for live musicians
  • Display lyrics and chords of your songs in nice & friendly type and colors
  • Automatically scroll your lyrics in time with the song, without the need to manually turn pages (of course you can still do that if you want to)
  • Use text files in the popular ChordPro format that combines lyrics and chords; thousands of songs are readily available on the Web 
  • Easily transpose songs or adapt the displayed chords for capo use on your guitar 
Hassle-free operations
  • LivePrompter is designed to be used on-stage with a minimum of interaction - no fiddly menus, pop-ups or tiny buttons!
  • Operate easily via keyboard, mouse, touch screen or MIDI controllers (pedals, buttons)
  • A complete live performance can be operated with just one pedal, button or key
  • Control other applications or external devices from LivePrompter via MIDI
  • Control LivePrompter from other applications via MIDI
Organize your repertoire
  • Organize your songs in setlists and step through them in sequence
  • Create collections of songs ("books") within your repertoire (e.g. "Live Songs", "Unplugged", ...)
  • Create multiple LivePrompter configurations and repertoire directories to manage different projects or bands
  • Share song files among band members, with individual content shown for each musician from the same song file
Did I mention it's free?
  • Yes, LivePrompter is absolutely free, no strings attached, no ads, no hidden features. I built it for my own use, and I couldn’t be happier if other musicians find it useful for their own live experience.
  • If you find LivePrompter useful, you can make me even happier by posting a testimonial on how you use LivePrompter and what you like about it in the testimonials forum and maybe attach a picture of your band / project in action. I’d like to fill my LivePrompter wall of fame!
  • If you want to show your appreciation, you can also buy me a coffee at Ko-Fi.com.

What LivePrompter is NOT

There are a number of lyrics/chord display apps out there that offer tons of features. Unfortunately, I've found most of them a bit unwieldy for live use, so LivePrompter was created as a super-stripped-down tool that works very well in a live setting. But in the course of this, I had to make some decisions on what do leave out.

Therefore here are some things that LivePrompter is NOT:

  • A song database with sophisticated search and management features
  • A guitar chord finder
  • A sheet music viewer
  • A Karaoke app
  • An all-singing, all-dancing, do-everything-for-everyone music application

LivePrompter does one thing only, but that it does pretty well…

Also: the established version of LivePrompter is a Windows app - optimized to be used on touch tablets (nice large type and friendly buttons), but it will NOT run on iOS or Macs - please don't ask me how to install it on your iPad...

But there is hope: hot off the presses, here is LivePrompter mobile for Android. And maybe, we'll also have a version for iOS some time in the future...


LivePrompter only has two screens - makes life simple!

Selection Screen

This window lets you select which songs to display: all songs, songs from a collection (book) or from a setlist. Now select a song and simply press Go!

Lyrics Screen

This window, normally shown full-screen, displays your lyrics and chords, scrolling in time with your song.

The title bar displays the currently loaded song. It changes its color to signal the current state of LivePrompter (ready to scroll, running, paused, finished), so you can see at a glance what's going on. Also, it has a simple metronome that can display the tempo of the current song.

At the bottom, there is a row of big buttons to operate LivePrompter via mouse or touch screen: play/pause, reset to beginning, scroll up/down, next/previous song, exit.

Below this, the footer bar displays the next song in the list.

Download LivePrompter now!

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