New release 1.4.9

This one is mainly a quick bug fix release:

  • Due to some changes in Cantabile’s binding system, the network connection with Cantabile didn’t work anymore. This is now fixed. You will need a somewhat current version of Cantabile (build 41xx) for Cantabile Connection to work – older versions aren’t compatible anymore.
  • When shutting down the Desktop version (Windows / Mac) while it was minimized, LivePrompter saved incorrect window position data, which led to the window not being visible on starting LivePrompter after this. The issue should be fixed now: LivePrompter will not save window data when exiting while minimized, and it will deal constructively when starting and finding incorrect window data saved.
  • The color setting for title text in Light Mode wasn’t saved – fixed!

Also, since the feature seems to work nicely, the special characters for accidentals (# and b) are now active by default for new profiles.

That’s it for this release – I’m working on some actual new features for the next release, unless some other pesky bugs pop up!

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