New mobile release v1.3.3

I have just uploaded a new release to Google Play. This one contains a nice new feature to define your scroll timing: instead of using absolute times using d_time, you can now use bar numbers to define timing for your song sections.

First, it’s easier to count bars than to time your songs with a stopwatch, and second, it makes it super-easy to change the tempo of a song: no more need to change all your d_time tags, simply change the tempo tag, and LivePrompter will take care of the rest!

Read all about it here.

Another new feature: LivePrompter now has a setting to automatically synchronize when you start it (it will ask you nicely before syncing…), so you don’t forget it. A simple switch “Always sync on Startup” now sits at the bottom of the Settings screen.

As always: have fun!

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