New feature in beta test: adding images

For all those who want to include the occasional notation snippet in their songs, I’ve enabled LivePrompter to use images in your song files. For this purpose, there are two new tags to use in your songs and one setting for your .INI files:

{picture:picture_filename.ext} or {p:picture_filename.ext}

Use this to include a picture file (usual file formats should work) in your song. The picture needs to be saved in the “Pictures” subfolder of your LivePrompter songs folder. And be sure to include the extension (.png, .jpg, etc.)

{custompicture0:picture_filename.ext} or {cp0:picture_filename.ext}

This works like customcomment: choose an individual number from 0 to 9 to embed pictures that will only be shown to individual musicians (guitar tabs, drum patterns, …). This tag uses the same numbers as customcomment, so you use ShowCustomComments in your .INI file to select both comments and pictures.


This .INI file setting allows you to scale pictures for different screen resolutions. So if you have a mix of high- and low-resolution devices, create your images at a high resolution and scale them down with PictureSize=30 or similar. The number is interpreted as “percent”, so setting PictureSize to 100 means no scaling.

This feature is currently very fresh, consider this version beta and send me your feedback if you find something not quite working as it should.

This is also why you download this version here and not on the download page:

Give it a try and let me know if it works!

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  1. Terry Leigh Britton
    June 24, 2018

    This is a great idea having the images now, Torsten! 🙂



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