New build with some small additions

I’ve just uploaded the latest build with a couple of small bugfixes, plus some added features:

  • a new setting for LivePrompter.ini: TitleColor. Similar to TextColor, it allows you to set the color for the title area separately from the lyrics text. Especially useful if you’ve set the lyrics color to a bit less visible (if you’re an instrumentalist who is mainly interested in the chords), but still want to see the current title and subtitle in a bright color
  • two new tags that allow individual musicians to not display part of a song: ignore[x] and ignoreoff[x] – these work similarly to customcomment[x] – they only apply if the ShowCustomComments setting contains the corresponding number. This can be useful for singers who don’t want to be bothered with seeing long guitar solo chord sequences or when an individual musician is displaying a section as a custom picture. Pretty advanced stuff, but helpful in some situations.

As always, find the newest version in the Downloads section.

Rock on!


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