New build – some added display options

Here’s a new build – 1.023 is available at the Download page.

Three small additions:

  1. You can now set the font size for the Selection Page: use the setting ListTextSize=x in LivePrompter.ini, with x from 1 to 3. The default size is 2; size 1 is aimed at the mouse warriors who need a lot of titles on one page and don’t need to hit one line with a fingertip. Size 3 is for the ones among us with bigger fingers (or declining eyesight) who just want things a little bigger 😉
  2. Use the setting ButtonBarSize=2 in LivePrompter.ini to double the height of the button bar at the bottom of the Lyrics Screen. ButtonBarSize=1 is standard size (and not necessary to put into LivePrompter.ini, since 1 is the default). Again, one for the ones among us with bigger fingers 😉
  3. Use Clock24Hrs=no in LivePrompter.ini to make the current time display in 12 hour format at the bottom of the Lyrics Screen. This one is for our American friends who don’t like having to do math to decipher 21:30 😉

Go and download and enjoy!

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  1. Randy Rowe
    August 2, 2021

    Thanks from across the drink! Love this app!


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