Major update – MidiAlert now included in LivePrompter

I gave LivePrompter a new buddy to play with: MidiAlert is a little utility that can display pop-up message boxes triggered by MIDI sysex commands.

I originally built it as a separate companion app to LivePrompter, to work with Cantabile, my favorite live VST host. When playing live with VST instruments, I sometimes felt the need to flag some status information very visibly, for example to remind me that an effect is momentarily muted by a controller, or that a state change has happened.

Since I usually run MidiAlert on the same tablet that runs LivePrompter – in multiple configurations – having to start a different config MidiAlert whenever I wanted to use a different hardware config of LivePrompter became a bit of a hassle, so I have included the functionality in LivePrompter.

I think this warrants at least a sub-version change, so the current release is now 1.101 (1.100 had some bugs, so it’s straight to 1.101 for you folks!).

Go to downloads and grab it!

The manual now has a new section on MidiAlert, so study that to see what you can do with it.

Experiment and have fun!



Edit (18.4.2022): Just found that I had included an erroneous manual in the installation – if you’re having problems with configuring the MidiAlert window, please download the updated installer (or just the manual) – the MidiAlert section should now have the correct LivePrompter.ini configuration entries. Sorry about confusing you 😟…

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