LivePrompter’s Android version is now live – yay!

Hello LivePrompter aficionados!

Finally – LivePrompter mobile for Android is now out of Public Beta Testing – version 1.0.0 is officially live for production at the Google Play store! Head over to the Play Store to get it for you Android phone or tablet!

LivePrompter mobile has all the functionality of the tried-and-trusted LivePrompter for Windows, with a couple of user experience enhancements and a handy search function thrown in! And of course it is fully compatible with your existing song and setlist files for the Windows version.

So even if you’re planning to stay on LivePrompter for Windows for your live experience, it can’t hurt to also have a mobile version on your smartphone, so you can always have your songs with you in your pocket!

The only “classic” functionality not yet implemented is MIDI connectivity. I’m working on this, but it will probably take a while to get this done in a pragmatic and easy way on Android devices. But since this functionality is important for my own use of LivePrompter, rest assured that this will be one of my key development priorities!

Important note: LivePrompter mobile uses Dropbox as a means to get files from your PC or Mac to your mobile device, so you’ll need to

  • have a Dropbox account
  • keep your LivePrompter files in your synchronized Dropbox folder

So head on over to the Google Play Store and get it! And go and read all about it in the Help section

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  1. Matthias Freudenberg
    February 2, 2024

    ab welcher Android-Version Funktioniert Liveprompter 2

    from which Android version does Liveprompter 2 work?

    Best regards


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