LivePrompter mobile – End-of-Year Update!

Here’s a quick final update for 2022, bringing a bit of a clean-up of optics and user experience:

  • The look-and-feel of LivePrompter has been updated to Material 3. Material 3 is a revised version of Google’s design guidelines – Android 12 implements it as its general look-and-feel, but LivePrompter will use Material 3 design uniformly across all Android versions
  • The Sync Page has been reworked – I assume that when you open the Sync Page, you do want to sync, so there’s no more need to click the sync button after opening the page. The Sync button has been re-purposed as a “Sync Again” button 😉.
  • The status wheel on the Sync Page will now be colored to signal success (green) or failure (red) of the sync process. No need to read through the small print…
  • I’ve re-worked the Manage Profiles and Manage Sources pages – now you can select a profile or a source to be active by tapping them. Also, some restrictions around deleting sources weren’t really necessary anymore, so they have been removed. Now you can even delete the current source if you wish to do that.

The new version will be distributed via Google Play over the next couple of days – have fun!


  1. Alex Perica
    April 23, 2023

    I’ve read almost everything posted on the LivePrompter website but I still have found anything about how the program follows your music. Does it accomplish this using your tablets built-in microphone?

  2. Torsten
    April 24, 2023

    Hi Alex,
    LivePrompter’s scrolling is controlled simply by setting the time for the song duration or the time for specific song segments. See this help page:

    LivePrompter doesn’t listen to music – that would require it to “know” the song, which is not something I’d attempt to build.

    One recommendation also: if you have questions, better ask them at the forum and not as comments to articles. You find the forum here:


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