LivePrompter 2 – A Prompter To Rule Them All…

OK, it’s finally done – LivePrompter goes multi-platform! With the recent approval of the iOS version in the Apple App Store, the new and shiny version of LivePrompter is now available for the four main platforms: Android, iOS, macOS and Windows!

With this, I’ve also changed its name – I officially call it LivePrompter 2 now (short: LP 2). “LivePrompter mobile” didn’t cut it anymore, since with the Windows and macOS build, it is also available for desktop platforms.

Big thanks to Google for the excellent Flutter platform, which allows relatively painless multi-platform development, and to all the developers who provided foundational “plugins” that I could build on to create this multi-platform version of LivePrompter!

With this new version, I will also focus my development efforts on LivePrompter 2; the “old” Windows version (now called “LivePrompter Classic”) will still get bugfix updates if they are necessary, but don’t expect a lot of effort to go into Classic anymore.

With the new approach, new versions will be published pretty much in sync for all platforms – there may still be some variance; if a new release only changes things for a single platform, I probably won’t update all versions, but over time, that will even out…

Note: there is ONE key functional difference: the Windows version of LivePrompter 2 doesn’t yet have MIDI capabilities – the underlying Flutter library currently isn’t available in a Windows version. So if you need MIDI on Windows, you’ll still have to use the Classic version for some time. But I’m working on that…

So with all that out of the way: join me in celebrating the new era of LivePrompter 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰!

And of course: head to the Download page to get LivePrompter – you’ll also find the links to the Apple and Android app stores there!



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