New release 1.4.5

Release 1.4.5 is starting to roll out across platforms.

I’ve made some changes to automatic synchronization on startup: you can now choose how LivePrompter will sync, and there is an option to automatically close the sync page after a successful sync.

There are some more keys available for keyboard control, e.g. ESC or Pg-Up, Pg-Down. Note: these will not work on all platforms (e.g. Android will not recognize PgUp etc).

I’ve also fixed issues that occur when LivePrompter is connected to a network without internet access (which is the case with our on-stage-network).

Lastly, I’ve added a “huge” header size – especially for drummers who want to have a really big metronome. This may be too big for your display on some devices, so use with caution!

Note: I’ve made some changes underneath the surface that should improve the performance of synchronization and data handling. I’ve tested them extensively over the past weeks, so am fairly sure that things work nicely now, but if you find any issues, be sure to report them (ideally via the forum).

New mobile version will roll out via Google Play and AppStore over the next days, Windows and Mac downloads are available at the Download page.

Version history can be found here.



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