New mobile release – now with MIDI functionality!

A new LivePrompter mobile release is live at the Google Play Store. Besides fixing a few bugs, this update brings the MIDI functionality of LivePrompter’s Windows version. Read all about it in the Help section of the website.

Also, the new release brings an enhancement of the custom message functionality of the Cantabile Connection feature – more flexibility for custom message beyond just popping up and disappearing right away. More details on the help page…

With this addition, LivePrompter mobile is pretty much feature-complete from my perspective – all the features of the “classic” Windows version have been implemented in the mobile version, with a number of enhancements. Going forward, I will certainly implement a number of additional enhancements from time to time, but don’t expect any significant gains in functionality – it’s time for LivePrompter mobile to stabilize, for ironing out any remaining bugs and smoothing the usability where necessary.

But keep your eyes peeled – maybe I’ll use the great potential of the Flutter environment for new platform versions of LivePrompter in the future – let’s see!

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