9. Getting Help

If things don’t work for some reason, best is to do this:

  • USE THE KNOWLEDGE BASE – there is a lot of information in this documentation site that can help you get things going, so please DO read the manual. LivePrompter is a bit of a “nerdy” tool, so you’ll have to get knowledgeable about the various aspects of it.
  • Head to the user forums at https://liveprompter.freeforums.net/ – there is a support section, and if you post your question or issues there, others can benefit from the responses and solutions
  • Download the diagnostics tool in the Downloads section of the LivePrompter web site. You put it in the LivePrompter program directory (not the Home Directory!) and run it, and it will display relevant information on your installation, which will make it easier for me and others to help you. So if you’re having problems running and configuring LivePrompter, it is useful posting the content of your LivePrompter.ini and the output from the diagnostics tool
  • You can also get in touch via the contact form on the website, but I’d very much prefer if you could ask your question at the forum. That way, we’ll create a repository of troubleshooting information for others.

Lastly: please note that I am providing LivePrompter for free, so my ability to provide direct support is limited. I usually respond quickly to support requests, but I can’t babysit everyone through their installation and usage step-by-step. You’ll be expected to try and explore some things for yourself. Some assembly required – OK?