LivePrompter mobile – new version with remote control feature!

Hello all,

A new version of LivePrompter is about to drop, containing a major new feature: LP Connect!

LP Connect allows you to connect LivePrompter devices wirelessly and control multiple “slave” devices from one central “master”. This way, one band member can handle LivePrompter operation during a gig for all others – so if your secret plan is world domination, here’s a good start (muhahaha)…

Read all about it here – LP Connect help page.

This feature is still pretty fresh, so use carefully and let me know at the forum if something isn’t working as it should.

Also, the new version allows you to create new profiles based on text files in your Dropbox – a helpful feature if you have to configuire new devices for band members on a regular basis. See the corresponding help article.

Version 1.2.0 will be live on the Google Play store over the next couple of days – have fun with it!

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